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Writhing In Lubed Vinyl Part 3


On all fours and her fingers pounding her pussy, Kayla works up in to a Plastic orgasm inside her Plastic Sack! Then laying back down in her Lubed Vinyl cocoon she finishes herself off!

Lubed Pink Plastic Lover Pt 1


We join Natalia all Lubed up in her pink Plastic Catsuit and already with her Inflatable Rubber Cock deep in her pussy as she lies down on the Plastic Sheeted lounger outside!

Clear PVC Passion Part 4


With her Soft Transparent Plastic Hood now on, Ashlea lies back on the table and wanks herself hard in her Lubed Plastic Suit as she gets lost in her PVC Catsuited fuck....

Plastic Sex Slave Part 8


Still sucking on Tony's cock through his Plastic Bottoms, Danni decides to straddle him and rub her wet pussy through her Plastic Body! as Tony grabs at her tight Plastic Covered Ass!!!

Orange Plastic Lust Part 1


Natalia has been sleeping in her Plastic Sleep Sack for hours, waking up she feels fucking horny! Watch as we join her inside the Plastic bag as she strokes her wet pussy in PVC!

Lounging In Plastic Part 2


With her Sweaty Plastic Ass now dripping in the hot sun, Kayla bends over onto all fours while still on the Plastic Sheeted lounger! Her Plastic Pants that are under her PVC Dress is dripping!

Blue Plastic Fireplace Part 4


With her face covered in Smooth Soft Plastic, Ashlea uses her fingers and tongue to taste and feel the Plastic that is covering her whole body! Now it's time to get lost in the PVC Aromas...

Slippery Clear Plastic B.P. Pt 2


Up on all fours Ashlea is pushing her Plastic Suit to the max as her PVC Covered Ass gets tighter and tighter! Stroking her pussy through the Plastic Catsuit she pulls on her Hood Strings!

Writhing In Lubed Vinyl Part 2


Actually see inside Kayla's Plastic Body Bag as she slips and slides in all that Plastic and Lube! Next she gets on to all fours and pulls the Vinyl Plastic tight to her ass as she masturbates...

Pretty Plastic Stable Hand Pt 1


We welcome Nat back to the site and her first job in her Tight Plastic Hot Pants and Top is to clear out the hay barn, However she soon gets distracted using the fork handle to rub herself with!!!

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