This site is dedicated to the soft and sensual pleasures of Plastic & PVC! Updated every 4 days, this site has the cutest girls indulging in their plastic fetish, Everything from outdoor scenes, to our huge plastic play room sets!

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Shiny PVC Mistress Part 1


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Plastic Shower Fuck Part 9


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PVC Polkadot Princess Pt 3


Hear the rustling of the Soft Plastic Underwear Nat is wearing as she rubs her Wet Pussy through her Hot Sweaty Plastic Pants! She lays back of the PVC sofa fingering herself in Plastic!

Transparent White PVC Pt 7


Undoing her PVC Biker Jacket, Ashlea reveals her Plastic Bra underneath, it is in Glass Clear Plastic as she slides her PVC gloved hands under it grabbing at her Huge Tits!!!

Candlelit Plastic Soiree Part 3


Laying back in her PVC Dress, Natalia strokes her wet pussy and tits under the candle light of the summers evening... Lost in her PVC dream she just gets wetter and wetter!

Writhing In Lubed Vinyl Part 4


On all fours and inside the Lubed vinyl Plastic Bag, Kayla strokes her pussy as she shudders to an explosive Plastic Orgasm! She then lays on the grass in her PVC Cocoon...

Plastic Garden Strip Part 1


Wandering out from the Chateaux, Kayla is dressed in layers of Soft Warm Plastic as she strolls through the gardens before settling under a tree on a Rubber Mattress already laid out!

Blue Plastic Lounger Part 3


Laying back on the Plastic Sheet that is covering the lounger, Nat lets the Transparent Blue Plastic drape between her legs as she strokes her wet pussy through the Soft Vinyl...

PVC Polkadot Princess Pt 2


The hot summer sun is making the Soft Vinyl Plastic buttery smooth and silky as Natalia lifts up her PVC Mac and shows off her bald pussy under her Plastic Pants as she rubs them...

Transparent White PVC Pt 6


Leaning back in her chair, Ashlea starts to un-zips her Plastic Bomber Jacket as she reveals the Plastic Bra underneath... It's now time to play with her Plastic covered boobs!

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