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Clear PVC Passion Part 5


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Blue Plastic Lounger Part 1


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White Plastic Strip Fuck Part 5


In this final instalment Ashlea gets her Big Rubber Cock and covers it in Lube as she starts to fuck herself hard in her PVC! Watch as she explodes in a Plastic Lovers orgasm... 

Pretty Plastic Stable Hand Pt 2


Squatting over her long handled pitch fork, Natalia rubs her pussy through the Soft Plastic as she rides up and down the shaft, forgetting that she has her chores to do!!!

Pink Plastic Playtime Part 1


We join Ashlea who is playing in the Pink PVC nursery that is usually reserved for the Plastic Nappy shoots. But Pink Plastic loving Ashlea is allowed inside in her Plastic Dungarees!

Writhing In Lubed Vinyl Part 1


Outside on a beautiful sunny day, Kayla slips inside an already Lubed and warm Plastic Body Bag! This super sized Clear Vinyl Sack is just heaven to roll and writhe about in on the grass...

Orange Plastic Lust Part 2


Sliding around both inside and out of her Plastic Body Sack, Natalia is getting so turned on by the PVC Aromas she starts to stroke her wet pussy through her Plastic Panties!!!

Blue Plastic Fireplace Part 6


Nestling down by the fire on her Plastic Duvet, Ashlea is stroking her pussy through the Plastic Pyjamas she has on as she pulls the soft Plastic Vinyl Dressing Gown over her head!

Writhing In Lubed Vinyl Part 3


On all fours and her fingers pounding her pussy, Kayla works up in to a Plastic orgasm inside her Plastic Sack! Then laying back down in her Lubed Vinyl cocoon she finishes herself off!

Lubed Pink Plastic Lover Pt 1


We join Natalia all Lubed up in her pink Plastic Catsuit and already with her Inflatable Rubber Cock deep in her pussy as she lies down on the Plastic Sheeted lounger outside!

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