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Plastic Lube Lover Part 2


With her Tight Smooth Plastic Ass still stuck in the air, Nat rubs her hands all over her PVC covered pussy as the soft smooth Plastic makes her ever more wet and turned on!!!

Plastic Sex Slave Part 9


Bouncing up and down on his hard cock which is pushing through his Plastic Jeans, Danni decides to let it our and starts to tease and  fuck him in her Plastic Suit and Coat!!!

Pink Plastic Playtime Part 3


With her Plastic Dungarees now taken off, Ashlea rubs the Soft Lubed Plastic between her legs as she also uses a Dildo to fuck herself with on the Pink Plastic Bed Sheets!!!

Transparent White PVC Pt 3


Ashlea stands up from her chair and looking out of the window slips off her Long Plastic Mac and lays it over the chair before sitting back down in her layers of Soft Plastic Clothing...

Clear Plastic Fun Part 1


Strolling in the garden in her Pink Plastic Jacket, Natalia comes across a Clear Plastic Body Bag that has been laid out on a pink PVC Sheet ready for her, she starts her public PVC play!

Pretty Plastic Stable Hand Pt 3


After doing a half-assed job of moving the hay, a naughty Nat lays out a Plastic Sheet on the bales and sits her Tight PVC covered ass on it, all this work has made her hot and sweaty...

Pink Plastic Playtime Part 2


Laying back on the pink Plastic Bed Sheets, Ashlea is stroking her wet pussy through her PVC Dungarees as she start to peel them off! Now naked she rubs the Plastic between her thighs.

Plastic Attic Slave 5


In this last part, Danni has put Toni's Hard Cock back in to his Plastic Trousers and is teasing him with her hot wet tongue through the Soft Plastic making him want to cumm!

Orange Plastic Lust Part 3


Natalia can't resist enveloping herself in Plastic as she slides inside the Plastic Sack! She strokes herself through the PVC Sheets to give herself the first of many Plastic Orgasms...

Blue Plastic Fireplace Part 7


In this final instalment, Ashlea is fingering her wet pussy through the Plastic Bottoms she has on while sucking on the PVC Aromas that are filling her nostrils as she cumms...

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